Astronomical summer has just begun, and in Alicante real summer temperatures have long been making themselves felt, leaving traces in the form of drops of sweat flowing from various parts of the body. In the face of such weather conditions, nature also helps us, offering solace in the crystalline waters of the Mediterranean Sea. A touch of shade, sand and sea – the imagination creates a perfect holiday scenario of spending a pleasant day on one of the many notorious beaches on the Costa Blanca. However, what if you spend holidays with your beloved, four-legged friend? Leave him alone in four cool walls and lie down with remorse at the edge, dying not only from the excess of sunlight, but also from longing? Or completely forget this compulsory, in some sense, attraction and, in consequence, expose itself to friends’ attitudes regarding the lack of sunburn after a holiday in sunny Spain? In today’s entry, we would like to dispel this moral dilemma that all dog lovers must face and present the beach of Playa de Agua Amarga, which was created for the owners of quadrupeds. Located between the port and the Urbanova district, Playa de Agua Amarga, also known as Doggy Beach, was opened in the summer of 2016, is 250 meters long, 50 meters wide and is one of the few beaches in Spain adapted to the needs of dogs and one of the best equipped for this purpose, Europe. There is, among other things, a booth in which, apart from our human delicacies, are also served exclusively for dogs. In the dog menu, you will find delicacies such as ice cream, meat or vegan snacks, and even beer for quadrupeds hungry for refreshment, of course non-alcoholic. And all this to take away or consumption at a special, gated bar, equipped with disposable bowls. At the sunbeds on which you can arrange your human bodies, there are also wooden platforms sheltered by umbrellas with containers for food or water, which you can complement in specially prepared dispatchers. On the beach there is also a separate zone of cleanliness and a fenced place, where animals can handle their needs. At our disposal are also bags and baskets for dirt, in the event that your furball did not manage to reach the dog toilet. Dogs which prefer a more active rest than lounging by the owner will find toys and a trainer who will be happy to advise on dog training. In 2018, it was decided to extend the repertoire of additional attractions that will satisfy the needs of even the most demanding dog and its owner – on the beach there are fitness workshops, such as a frisbee throw, and educational, aimed at, among others, making people aware of the promotion of animal rights. In addition, there are activities such as dog shows from the shelter, thanks to which many of them can find a new, loving home, or a fundraiser for various purposes, such as research on the ability of dogs to detect cancers that have been carried out for several years in different parts of the world.

By car to the beach, take the N-332 road, taking the exit towards Playa Urbanova. Before you arrive, however, you should read the regulations that apply to Playa de Aguas Amargas:

– Dogs can run freely on the beach, except for the bar, where they should be on a leash
– Keep an eye on your pet while swimming in the sea
– The dog should have a chip
– The owner must carry the current vaccination book
– Dogs belonging to dangerous breeds must have a muzzle and walk on a leash
– The owner is obliged to clean up his quadruped

In summary, the sun, sea, sand and dog – a plan that is perfect for escaping the heatwave flooding Spain, does not it? So we put it on your hands, wishing you a successful holiday, full of experience and unforgettable memories associated with Alicante, to which you will be able to return with affection on cold and rainy days.

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