Clot de Galvany is a protected natural area, located in the municipality of Elche. Its area of ​​366 hectares is shared by various ecosystems – salty wetlands, mountains and hills, ponds, former cultivated areas, dunes and beaches. Undoubtedly, it creates an amazing and multicolored landscape microworld, that spans this enclosed area. Among the treasures that Clot de Galvany contains are the Parque Natural Municipal, Estación Biológica, Lugar de Interés Comunitario and Zona Espacial de Protección para las Aves.

In the first of these, the enormous contrast between the tourist residential district of Arenales del Sol, adjacent to the strip woven from various elements of the landscape, which consists of lagoons, semi-arid areas and beaches surrounding crystalline waters. The local flora and fauna are very valuable, because in many cases they are rare or endangered species. The flagship example is the water birds, such as the common white-headed duck and marbled duck, that inhabit this area. The most common animals are hares, field mice, shrews, vipers, frogs and flamingos. When it comes to vegetation, here you can find cultivated olive fields, grasshoppers, dactylides and fig trees. Mountains and slopes are overgrown with dwarf pine and strong stalk, in reed zones the reed grows. You can observe the huge effort, that is put in the re-initiation of the most endangered vegetation in these areas.

In order to implement this project, a cultivating nursery was established in Clot with plants and seedlings, which are then transplanted into the areas most affected by their lack. What’s more, there are other “jewels” in the natural treasury of Clot de Galvany, such as fossils in the shape of plants and other elements with architectural and historical qualities. An example is the ruins of a small agricultural settlement from the Roman period, the origin of which dates back to the period between the 1st and 4th century AD. These remnants can definitely be classified as unusual, because not many buildings from that period have survived to our times, especially those belonging to the population derived from the lowest social class in the Roman Empire. Another example is the bunkers from the Spanish Civil War period of the last century, which served as a defensive function and have survived to this day almost intact. According to our article, diversity and contrasts are two words, that can perfectly describe Clot de Galvany. In other words, we believe, that these factors and natural beauty encourage you to visit this place. At the same time, do not forget about the infrastructure, that allows you to fully enjoy your visit. The whole area has seven wooden viewpoints, placed in different places and at different heights, which allows you to admire the landscape from different angles and from different perspectives (the vision of contemplating the sunset from one of these places seems to be extremely tempting). Photography enthusiasts should equip themselves with their equipment and give vent to their passion, capture fantastic views in photographs. In addition to the viewpoints, there are also three observatories that allow observation of a variety of birds from close range (for this we recommend to buy binoculars). On more prosaic issues, such as access and sightseeing, it is worth notice, that on the spot you can go for a walk along one of several marked trails, where there are car parks, toilets and picnic
areas with benches and tables.

If you decide to take a guided tour, you can make a reservation through the website or by calling 966658028. In addition, every Sunday from 10:00 a free guided tour on the route of 2 kilometers takes about 2 hours and where you can take share of up to 30 people.

What’s more, Clot de Galvany has a room, where various meetings are organized. you can get information, find guides, take part in audiovisual presentations, various types of activities or group workshops.

Opening hours of the service point:

In summer (in July and August): every day from 7:00 to 13:00.
In winter (from September to June): Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from 9:00 to 14:00 and from 16:00 to 18:00.
From our side, for the trip, we recommend wearing comfortable footwear and stocking yourself with a sunscreen, especially during the summer, because a large part of the route is in the sun and there are not many shady places.

To reach Clot de Galvany from Alicante, take national road number 332 towards Santa Pola, then turn left towards Los Arenales del Sol and go through it until you reach the Hall del Clot, where all the marked signs start trails.