Alicante is a city where you can boldly move on your feet, because the distances between important points are not large and you can easily reach from one point to the other on foot. However, for longer routes, you should consider other ways to move. Alicante has a well-developed and organized public transport network, that will allow you to travel around the city or travel outside of its area, at a relatively good price.

I am already on the airport and what next?

After landing at the Elche airport, which is located about 12 km from Alicante, you can take a taxi (about 20 euros) or save some money and take the bus. Autobús Aeropuerto, a special connection number C6, departs from the parking lot on the second floor. On the website:

in the C6 VUELTA tab you can view the entire route and bus stops from the airport, while in the C6 IDA – to the airport. The bus runs 24h everyday in the week:

A one-way ticket costs 3.85 euros and can be bought from the driver. If you are traveling in two or more people, it is worth to buy (also from the driver) a bonobús. This is a card that we can recharge for 10 trips. The total cost is 14 euros (2 euros – card + 12 euros – top-up), thanks to which we save as much as 2.45 euros on the ride. What is important, on one bonobus a few people can pass – it is enough to check the card with driver as many times, as the tickets we want to use, from the bank of ten rides.

Traveling around the city by bus

Around the Alicante, we can travel by city buses TAM (Transporte Alicante Metropolitano). Thanks to very well organized connections, it is very easy to get to destination without changing. On:

in the green box at the top, you can search for interesting connections, by entering the starting address in the Dirección de origen field and the destination address in the field Dirección de destino. What’s more, by TAM buses you can also travel to other cities, located in the vicinity of Alicante. When using public transport, remember to press the STOP button before the stop where you want to get off – otherwise the driver will not stop if there are no people at the bus stop. We enter the bus through the front door, where you check or buy a ticket from the driver.

The price of a single ticket is EUR 1.45 (except for lines C2, C-51, C-52, C-53, M and 136, in which you will pay EUR 1.50 per ticket). You can buy the ticket from the driver or point of sale: – map of points of sale.

What’s more, if you intend to often move by public transport, it is worth to buy at the Bono Móbilis Multiviaje card, similar to the one you can get on the bus from the airport. It costs 2 euros and can be topped up for 8.70 euros (10 rides) and 26.10 euros (30 rides). It is very profitable, especially if you travel with a several people – the card is checked at the entrance to the bus, as many times as many people want to use it.

Traveling around the city by tram

Alicante boasts a very interesting tram line – it runs underground the city center. In addition, it has 43 km and connects Alicante with neighboring cities, therefore it is divided into zones: – map of zones.

In zone 1, i.e. within Alicante, a one-off ticket costs 1.35 euros. You can also use the Bono Móbilis Multiviaje card (only within the first zone) or buy a voucher for 10 or 30 trips (also applies to other zones). However, if you want to go outside the city zone, you must remember to buy the right ticket – you can find the exact price list at

When using public transport, it is worth planning your trip earlier. Nowadays, it would be a sin not to take advantage of the benefits of the Internet – you can set the English language on the pages linked above (although it does not always work), which unfortunately can not be done with schedules at bus or tram stops. The Google Maps application, which is synchronized with public transport in Alicante, can also help. Of course, you can also catch a taxi at any time. Their prices start at 1.80 euros for the initial payment and range from 1 to 2 euros per kilometer, depending on the time of day.