Visiting Alicante: Playa del Postiguet

Today’s post is directed to those, who prefer rest on the hot sand, with the sounds of sea waves or those, who dream of a moment of refreshment, after intensive sightseeing. Take a towel, glasses and sun cream with you, because today we stop on the “Postiguet” beach.

A few words about the beach

Located in the old town of “Ensanche Diputación”, at the bottom of the “Castillo de Santa Bárbara”, “playa del Postiguet” is the most famous and beloved beach for both, tourists and the inhabitants of Alicante. It’s name comes from the Spanish word “postigo”, which means “the city gate”, which one you could enter to the city in the past. The beach is almost forty meters wide and almost seven hundred meters long, covered with delicate, golden-white sand, which is poured by calm, blue water of Mediterranean Sea. It is a perfect place to spend a sunny day with friends or family, where you can not only take sunbathing, but also actively spend time – for example in a specially designated zone, where you can play beach volleyball. What’s more, “Postiguet” has all the necessary facilities such as showers, sun loungers and umbrellas rentals, warning flags, a speaker notification system or a children’s play area. You can also find here “chiringuitos”, which are booths with food and cold drinks. In addition, the beach is guarded and adapted to people with reduced mobility. Although “Postiguet” is a very popular place, especially on weekends during the summer, it can boast of extraordinary purity, for which it was awarded its “Blue Flag”. Along the beach, there is also a seaside promenade, surrounded by luxury hotels and restaurants, where you can eat fresh “mariscos”, which is seafood.

When to go?

The best time to rest on the “Postiguet” beach is early spring and late autumn, when the city is not visited with many tourists. However, if you decide to stay in Alicante at the turn of June and July, you must participate in the “Hogueras de San Juan”, a holiday in honor of the fire and the welcome of summer, during which numerous night parties are organized on the beach.

Access to the beach

You can easily get to the beach on foot, but you can also catch city bus lines 2, 5, 21 or 22. If you decide to take a car, you can leave it in the parking lot next to the beach. However, it is small (around 100 places) and you have to be there very early in the morning to take your place.